May is Military Appreciation Month: Get to Know Chris Christenson

Meet Our Local Military Veteran, Chris Christensen

May is Military Appreciation Month and at Sonoran Hills Dental, we would like to use this month to thank and honor our country’s heroes! This month, we wanted to do something special and spotlight one of our favorite veterans- our patient, Chris Christensen!

Chris was an Electronics Technician in the Navy from 1966 to 1972. After he left the military, he earned a college degree and worked a civilian career. Later, he would return to the military as a civilian contractor in Afghanistan for 8 years. We recently took the time to sit down with Chris as he shared some interesting stories about his adventures in the military over the years. Check out his fun interview below!

Name & Rank:

Chris Christensen, Electronics Technician E5, Navy Submarine Service.

How did you choose the branch you joined?

I grew up near the ocean in Florida, and it was a natural move to make a career around the ocean.

What was your favorite place you visited on leave?

The Intercostal Waterway on the West Coast of South America. I was amazed by the mountains that cut straight up on either side of the canal. Also, I had the opportunity to jump in the water at the Galapagos Islands and was surprised to find that the top two inches of water were warm and below that the water was freezing cold.

What was the best thing you got in a care package?

I spent time in Afghanistan also and chocolate was a hot commodity because it doesn’t keep very well in the hot climate. M&M’s were the best!

Tell us about an interesting or memorable experience.

In Cartagena, Columbia, a historic port city on the Caribbean coast, I had the opportunity to take a tour given by the locals and loved learning about the area. I always say that I got my degree in college, but I got my education traveling the world.

I was also stationed in Belize for a time. It was interesting to be working in a beautiful place that most people go to on vacation. I had the opportunity to enjoy diving, fishing, and seeing amazing Mayan ruins such as the Xunantunich archeological site on the border between Belize and Guatemala.

How did your military service shape the person you are now?

My military service provided me with a strong work ethic.

How can we all better support our troops?

I had the unique perspective of serving in the military during the 60s, when public opinion towards the military was negative and then worked alongside the military during the past several years, when civilian attitude was much more supportive. It was a big difference and so much better to feel supported. The biggest difference was an increase in morale fed by a generalized positive feeling and goodwill by the public towards our troops, and the care packages!



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